Driving instruction


Download the CHARGE Application to your phone from the App Store or Google Play, get acquainted with the Terms of Use and register.


Find the nearest CHARGE electric scooter on the map shown in the application. You can choose any of the electric scooters that are visible in the application. As well as, an electric scooter can be reserved for 5 minutes


To start using the CHARGE electric scooter, stand next to it. Scan the QR code or press “Start journey” in the CHARGE application at the selected scooter.


To turn the lights on/off for the CHARGE electric scooters, press once the button under the scooters screen. To change driving mode, press the button quickly twice. CHARGE scooter has 3 modes: “ECO” - drive up to 9 km/h, “D” - drive up to 15 km/h and “S” - drive up to 25 km/h. Choose the right driving mode for you!


Before the journey, raise the scooters kickstand and move with one foot on the scooter and push off with the other. To keep driving, press and hold the gas with your thumb. Keep both feet on the base while driving.


Ride CHARGE electric scooter on bicycle paths and road part if bicycle paths is not available. You can use pedestrian sidewalks if road part has heavy traffic. Always respect the pedestrians and other road users.


Use the brake lever located at the left hand to stop or decrease the electrical scooters speed.


Always stop the journey in the Green Zone, which is marked on the CHARGE application map. Place CHARGE scooters in such a way that it does not interfere with pedestrians and other road users and is well visible to future users of the CHARGE scooter. Make sure that the CHARGE scooter kickstand is lowered and the scooter is stable.


Press the “Finish a ride” button on the CHARGE application and submit a photo showing that the scooter has been correctly positioned and has not been damaged.