Elektroskūteru noma Valmierā


CHARGE is a new innovative type of transportation in Valmiera


Faster than public transport or driving by car (distance to 3-4 km in town). Drive up to 25 km/h.

Environmentally friendly:

Environmentally friendly and “green” type of transportation. Love your city.


Cheaper than a taxi ride. The average taxi price for a 4 km journey is EUR 4,00, CHARGE price 2 EUR.


            More comfortable than cycling, because it hardly requires physical effort, so you can easily ride with formal clothing as well.

Find the nearest CHARGE electric scooter on the map shown in the application. You can choose any of the electric scooters that are visible in the application. As well as, an electric scooter can be reserved for 5 minutes.

To start using the CHARGE electric scooter, stand next to it. Scan the QR code or press “Start journey” in the CHARGE application at the selected scooter.

Ride CHARGE electric scooter on bicycle paths and road part if bicycle paths is not available. You can use pedestrian sidewalks if road part has heavy traffic. Always respect the pedestrians and other road users.